In pictures: The airport spotting wrap up of the week

Tonoli Zhimomi05 Aug 20160 comments

Travelling can be taxing and most of us end up just throwing on the simple basics for wear, but not our c...

7 cartoons from the 90’s that would have probably been banned if they were released today

Suyash Shukla05 Aug 20160 comments

All the 80’s and early 90’s kids in the house can relate to this one. Ever imagined how the entire sp...

On Kishore Kumar’s 87th birthday, here are some iconic lyrics from his music that explain life like nothing else will

Umesh Rajani04 Aug 20160 comments

Kishore Kumar, the legend who had everybody rockin’ to his music, the one who had everybody going gaga ...

Video: Flaming arrow hits performer’s neck as stunt goes horribly wrong on America’s Got Talent!

Tonoli Zhimomi04 Aug 20160 comments

With proven success of popular TV talent shows, people are willing to pull all stops to ensure the top sp...

Bollywood movies releasing this August will have you gripped to your seats!

Umesh Rajani02 Aug 20160 comments

Just like every month, Bollywood is bringing us movies that will have the theatres flooded with fans. Thi...

These Hollywood movies coming out in August are set to blow you away!

Umesh Rajani02 Aug 20160 comments

Every month we update you about the movies you should be looking forward to and the ones that you should ...

The weekend celeb update in pictures: Pooja Hegde, Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and more!

Tonoli Zhimomi01 Aug 20160 comments

We love seeing our favourite celebs beyond the silver screen, and weekends allow us to spot them out and ...

After Pokémon Go, ‘Harry Potter Go’ is the most talked about thing!

Umesh Rajani01 Aug 20160 comments

The world is, as we know, going gaga over Pokémon Go and with every passing day there’s some or the o...

Battle of the Barbers is a real deal because it’s more than just haircut to these people!

Umesh Rajani29 Jul 20160 comments

Many of you are obviously aware of the​ ‘Battle of the Bastards’ but this has got absolutely nothi...

Tanmay Bhat joked about Priyanka Chopra on Twitter but the only people who didn’t take it well were the butthurt fans!

Umesh Rajani28 Jul 20160 comments

It has happened again, Tanmay Bhat got himself ganged up against a couple of Priyanka Chopra fans on Twi...

Celeb of the week: Rajinikanth for inspiring the masses to dream big and live humble. Read on for simple life lessons from his life!

Tonoli Zhimomi27 Jul 20160 comments

Rajinikanth is a superstar like no other, a demi-god in the eyes of his fans. He is the epitome of a livi...

San Diego Comic Con has left us with bunch of trailers and we couldn’t be happier!

Umesh Rajani25 Jul 20160 comments

San Diego Comic Con has ended but nobody left for home with a frown on their face. It’s the month of Ju...

This 21-year old Shivani Gorle talks about gender equality through her art on Instagram!

Umesh Rajani25 Jul 20160 comments

Not every person comes out to the world and talks about serious issues that we should actually be caring ...

WTF news of the day: Man deliberately shoots himself in the face and swallows the bullet to make a video of himself

Umesh Rajani25 Jul 20160 comments

In WTF news of the day, humanity has crossed all known limits of craziness. A video is out on the interne...

The weekend Celeb wrap-up: Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Baba Ramdev and more!

Tonoli Zhimomi25 Jul 20160 comments

The weekend has come to pass, and we cannot help but miss the comfort of lazing in our jammies while brow...

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  • These Hollywood movies coming out in August are set to blow you away! View more

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