5 reasons why you should be binge-watching Netflix’s Stranger Things just about now!

Suyash Shukla22 Aug 20160 comments

September is upon us ladies and gentlemen, and this fall we assure you there are going to be a lot of ret...

From fashion store launches to advert shoots, here’s what our celebs were up to this weekend!

Tonoli Zhimomi22 Aug 20160 comments

Just as any of us, celebs also look forward to the weekend to unwind, catch up on sleep, rest and so on. ...

Celeb of the week: Parineeti Chopra for kickin’ ass in the Dream Team

Umesh Rajani17 Aug 20160 comments

Parineeti Chopra is definitely up to a lot of amazing things. We know how talented she is, but ever since...

Game of Thrones might lose its throne to Stranger Things on audience demand! Here’s why!

Umesh Rajani17 Aug 20160 comments

When people said there will never be a show that’s going to be better than Game of Thrones, they proba...

Weekend celeb wrap-up: Here’s how Bollywood’s biggest like to roll during weekends!

Tonoli Zhimomi16 Aug 20160 comments

As we try and recover from the extended weekend brought on by the Independence Day celebrations, we bring...

Reasons why only Ben Affleck deserves to play the character of Batman!

Umesh Rajani12 Aug 20160 comments

Batman has been in existence since 1943, which means that The Dark Knight has been evolving in ways you c...

In pictures: Ranbir Kapoor at the launch of the H&M store in Mumbai

Gurpreet Kaur12 Aug 20160 comments

Mumbai got its first H&M store recently and the grand opening was a star-studded affair. Gracing the ...

#DontLetHerGo: Kangana Ranaut stars in the latest Swachh Bharat campaign as Goddess Laxmi

Tonoli Zhimomi11 Aug 20160 comments

The Swachh Bharat campaign is definitely on the right trajectory with the Government collaborating with B...

Would you like a crossover between The Fast & Furious and Transformers?

Umesh Rajani11 Aug 20160 comments

What if I told you that The Fast & the Furious and Transformers crossover is taking place and it’s ...

5 patriotic movies to watch this Independence Day to get you the feels

Tonoli Zhimomi11 Aug 20160 comments

For most of us today, freedom is so pronounced that we cannot imagine what it must have been like to live...

Channel [V] VJs from the 90’s and how they look now

Umesh Rajani10 Aug 20160 comments

They were our inspiration while growing up. They gave us style lessons while introducing us to the best m...

Dil Chahta Hai completes 15 years today and here’s what it has taught us!

Umesh Rajani10 Aug 20160 comments

Dil Chahta Hai might not be your favourite movie but you’ve got to agree it’s one of the best flicks ...

After Game of Thrones, what George R. R. Martin is bringing to you sounds absolutely mental!

Umesh Rajani09 Aug 20160 comments

First off, all hail George R.R. Martin, the man who has crushed a million hearts and has still managed to...

Cumming or drumming: This game is the funniest thing you’ll see today (highly NSFW)

Umesh Rajani09 Aug 20160 comments

The Internet is a place that keeps on giving, from the weirdest to coolest stuff we stumbled upon this si...

From award shows to film trailer launches, here’s all your celebrity juice from the weekend!

Tonoli Zhimomi08 Aug 20160 comments

The weekend has come to pass and now it’s back to work and the daily grind. But, celebs live to a diffe...

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