We bet every engineer in the country can relate to these engineering stereotypes

Gurpreet Kaur03 Mar 20160 comments

The recently concluded annual fest of the prestigious BITS Pilani College, Goa campus, witnessed a large ...

These guys will teach you the art of complimenting boobs and getting away with it!

Umesh Rajani01 Mar 20160 comments

It’s never easy to compliment a woman; it takes work and a lot of learning. What we have learned so far...

Here’s exactly how most of us guys feel when we spot a potential crush at a social gathering!

Suyash Shukla24 Feb 20160 comments

So here’s the thing, us guys (the single ones mostly) have a tendency to fall in love every now and the...

Thoughts that come to your mind when your phone is about to die and you can’t help it!

Umesh Rajani24 Feb 20160 comments

Fear has different names and with that, different kinds. But in today’s world there is one fear that ha...

Reasons why extended weekends are all we need!

Umesh Rajani19 Feb 20160 comments

It’s time we brought this topic in front of everybody’s eyes and made them realize how serious this i...

Kanye West publically asked Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page by for a billion dollars!

Umesh Rajani16 Feb 20160 comments

Kanye West recently released his new album The Life of Pablo; he talked about in on SNL (Saturday Night ...

Here are all the reasons why Valentine’s Day is annoyingly overrated!

Umesh Rajani13 Feb 20160 comments

What exactly is so special about Valentine’s Day that makes half of the world go mad and do things out ...

BriaAndChrissy’s new video on straight men touching another man’s penis is awkwardly funny!

Umesh Rajani11 Feb 20160 comments

After all the videos we have seen and shared with you people from BriaAndChrissy’s channel, here comes...

These mental stages of being drunk on a scale of 1 to 10 are something you’d totally relate to!

Umesh Rajani03 Feb 20160 comments

Every drinking enthusiast around sure knows when to call quits on his last beverage for the evening(or so...

WTF news of the day: This girl needs your help to get her MacBook fixed and its genuine AF!

Umesh Rajani02 Feb 20160 comments

Internet is such a wonderful place, it helps you find so much of what you need and so much of what you do...

How to save money for the imaginary list of things you made for yourself!

Umesh Rajani29 Jan 20160 comments

Savings are an imperative part of planning for the future especially today when life has become more unce...

‘Confusing things girlfriends say’ by FilterCopy is just what you need to watch today!

Garima Kakkar29 Jan 20160 comments

Relationships are amazing and there is no denying that. They offer support, strength, love, compassion an...

These life hacks to wake up on time are most likey to save your day!

Umesh Rajani27 Jan 20160 comments

Waking up in the morning ain’t easy, at least not for everyone, especially when its winter time. All yo...

This video of a Drunk Doctor Anjali in the US, creating havoc and attacking an Uber driver is going viral!

Umesh Rajani22 Jan 20160 comments

This one is fresh out from the US! A video of a drunken Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon, was recorded indulging int...

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