7 struggles a guy goes through after shaving his beard

Umesh Rajani11 May 20160 comments

A man’s life is not as easy as it looks. We also go through a great deal of changes and problems; we to...

8 struggles of people staying in apartments

Umesh Rajani04 May 20160 comments

In India if you’re living in apartments, there are always a few things that you have to take care of. A...

Things that go through your head when you can’t remember anything from last night’s party

Umesh Rajani03 May 20160 comments

We all like having a good time and, not necessarily, but many of us like to use alcohol to turn good into...

Kanan Gill has shared a teaser for the teaser for the teaser trailer for the movie Teaser and we’re confused

Umesh Rajani02 May 20160 comments

Kanan Gill has shared a new video on his channel that did make us LOL but left us confused so bad that we...

10 signs that you’re a child trapped in a man’s body!

Umesh Rajani28 Apr 20160 comments

Men are pretty straightforward, a quality that is not appreciated in all it’s glory by their female cou...

8 signs that you suck at remembering things!

Umesh Rajani28 Apr 20160 comments

In this imperfect world, there are billions of people who reflect the same characteristics at some point ...

AIB’s Honest Bars and Restaurants will feed you with laughter!

Umesh Rajani28 Apr 20160 comments

One of the well-known comedy groups has landed three videos back to back on their YouTube channel and the...

Taher Shah’s Angel’s parody is actually better than the original!

Umesh Rajani21 Apr 20160 comments

We’ve got something as terrorizing as Taher Shah’s Angel that recently came out and whoever heard the...

TheViralFever’s new video ‘Truth or Dare with Dad’ is that one thing you can watch with everyone but your Dad!

Umesh Rajani19 Apr 20160 comments

How wrong can a game go when that game is ‘truth or dare?’ and the person you’re playing with is yo...

Here’s what happens when you invite Jon Snow to a dinner party

Umesh Rajani19 Apr 20160 comments

A video has landed itself on the internet and it’s gaining hits as you read this. The video features no...

These hilarious pickup lines will crack you up real good but you won’t fall for them!

Umesh Rajani18 Apr 20160 comments

Many of us have been caught by surprise by a stranger at a bar, a party or any place that we’ve been so...

These GIFs explain exactly how you feel when you can’t wait to get off of work on a Friday!

Umesh Rajani15 Apr 20160 comments

Out of all the days in the week, Friday deserves all the love and respect for bringing the feeling of fre...

This piece of Stand-up comedy by Varun Thakur where he talks about condoms, chemist and contraceptives in India is hilarious!

Umesh Rajani14 Apr 20160 comments

We found this really funny video where comedian Varun Thakur talks about how people react to saying words...

Things people who hit the gym will relate to!

Umesh Rajani14 Apr 20160 comments

The things you love don’t come easy. They cost money and in some cases they cost money and fat, like a ...

Twitter reacts: Gurgaon’s rebirth as Gurugram is the talk everybody is having! Here’s what they think!

Umesh Rajani13 Apr 20160 comments

It’s not every day that you change names of a city. I mean come on, it’s a God damn city not your Twi...

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