10 times Samantha Jones hit the nail on the head!

Suyash Shukla07 Jun 20160 comments

The popular TV series ‘Sex and the City’ ended 11 years ago and we still cannot get enough of its re-...

Rahul Akela is looking for a wife on Twitter and he doesn’t care if you’re talaak shuda or you’ve had pyaar mein dhoka

Umesh Rajani02 Jun 20160 comments

Ladies! Hope you’re single and ready to mingle, because a dashing young man is willing to take you for ...

7 things guys want their girlfriends to know!

Umesh Rajani02 Jun 20160 comments

If you’re dating or are in a relationship there are always a few things you want your significant other...

Watch now: Jon Snow and Arya Stark make party plans on BBC Radio and invite Sansa as well

Umesh Rajani31 May 20160 comments

The Game of Thrones cast is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining cast, be it on the show or not. We h...

Your college life was probably sad if you didn’t do these 10 things!

Umesh Rajani30 May 20160 comments

College is probably the only time when you can learn to give no fucks to anyone for the things you do in ...

13 signs that your bromance is on point!

Umesh Rajani26 May 20160 comments

Let’s get this straight, I ain’t dissing girls here but it’s a fact that we guys have our friendshi...

Are you a boxers guy or a briefs guy? These illustrations will help you choose!

Suyash Shukla26 May 20160 comments

There are three types of men in this world. The ones who wear boxers, the briefs lovers and finally the o...

Useless TALK is the only group you need to be a part of on Facebook but WILL you be allowed to join it?

Umesh Rajani24 May 20160 comments

Facebook has got too many groups and pages and many of them have got those same old shitty posts that you...

Kanye West and Ellen DeGeneres talked about his tweets and regrets last night! Here’s what he said! [Video]

Umesh Rajani20 May 20160 comments

Kanye West made an appearance at The Ellen DeGeneres show last night and did he look very cheerful and en...

How to get away at work while you’re DNLB (Doing Nothing, Looking Busy)!

Umesh Rajani19 May 20160 comments

Work can be boring sometimes* (read: Monday to Thursday) and you can’t do much about it because the ...

This is how you subtly get yourself out of awkward situations

Umesh Rajani19 May 20160 comments

People love to get out there and participate in things that bring them joy and make their time worthwhile...

Kanan Gill’s new video about how hard breakups are is so effin accurate!

Umesh Rajani18 May 20160 comments

YouTuber and comedian, Kanan Gill is back with a new video that is so accurate you just might end up cryi...

Take a look at all these cosplays that went horribly wrong!

Umesh Rajani16 May 20160 comments

Every comic geek, fan and nerd has got that one favourite superhero that he connects to and idolises. And...

These GIFs sum up your life on weekends accurately

Umesh Rajani13 May 20160 comments

Not everybody’s life is always exciting, full of adventures and thrill but everybody gets the chance to...

Times when coffee was always there for your rescue!

Umesh Rajani12 May 20160 comments

We’ve always been thankful for family, friends and even strangers who’ve come forward at any point of...

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