You’d be losing out on friends if you made these hilarious and embarrassing text fails!

Umesh Rajani05 Jul 20160 comments

Everybody makes mistakes that can lead to something funny and leave you embarrassed for a good while, may...

This Social Media Day, we present twelve types of people you find on social media

Umesh Rajani30 Jun 20160 comments

30th June is recognised as the Social Media Day. Yes, that one thing you can’t imagine your day withou...

8 white lies you’re a pro at using in your daily life!

Umesh Rajani29 Jun 20160 comments

Nobody likes a person who lies. Even the people who are liars hate the person who lies to them and THAT i...

All India Bakchod has shared a video that shows your Adulthood in 100 seconds and is pretty accurate!

Umesh Rajani28 Jun 20160 comments

All India Bakchod is back with a new video that is SO relatable for almost all the adults of today’s ti...

These Game of Thrones and Star Wars memes will help you survive your Monday

Umesh Rajani27 Jun 20160 comments

The Internet is a great place to kill time and get things off your head. You will find too many things th...

The Gujju Gyan on Instagram will make even the non-Gujjus laugh!

Umesh Rajani27 Jun 20160 comments

The Internet has become the go-to place for almost everyone for their daily dose of laughter. And while I...

Dicklatte is a page on Instagram and we’re not sure if it’s funny or plain weird!

Umesh Rajani22 Jun 20160 comments

We all know that the Internet is a place where weird things are cool and a mix of funny some times. And w...

10 things everybody does while taking a dump

Umesh Rajani14 Jun 20160 comments

A dump can easily decide how your day is going to be. A morning dump to be precise, can turn your day ups...

The Hindi cover of Sorry by Jumbo Jutts will make you go LMAO

Umesh Rajani10 Jun 20160 comments

Justin Bieber hogged almost all the entertainment headlines when he came out with his song, “Sorry”, ...

This lady tried to do something good, however the Internet couldn’t help but label her as the Indian Taher Shah

Umesh Rajani09 Jun 20160 comments

Jacintha Morris, a native of Trivandrum, Kerala, is making headlines and not for any good reasons. Recent...

Neville Shah’s standup comedy on Indian School Games will take you back in time and crack you up!

Umesh Rajani09 Jun 20160 comments

There are insane amount of comedians out there in the world who are bringing out their humor to you in so...

These childhood-inspired comebacks will help you get away with any situation like a boss!

Tonoli Zhimomi09 Jun 20160 comments

Stuck in a situation where you were asked to shut up? Or bombarded with boring repetitive questions? Use ...

7 clever reasons you can give to your friends for leaving a Whatsapp group

Suyash Shukla09 Jun 20160 comments

We live in an extremely well connected world and thanks to technology, there’s no running away from you...

6 ways in which you can have fun with your intern at work!

Umesh Rajani08 Jun 20160 comments

It's not every day that you have a new intern in your office to understand how things go down and life ch...

10 things men definitely do at bars on a ladies night!

Umesh Rajani07 Jun 20160 comments

Men who love to hang out and chill will find out ways to do it and make sure they have a good time. Even ...

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