10 thoughts that goes through a guy’s head when he meets a guy for the first time

Umesh Rajani29 Jul 20160 comments

Believe it or not, it’s always easier for girls to become friends and gel with each other than guys and...

AIB is bringing you a new web series, Better Life Foundation,​ and here’s why you should look forward to it!

Umesh Rajani28 Jul 20160 comments

All you junkies for sitcoms, movies and web series, there’s some good news​.​ A sort of new web se...

Baba Ramdev is getting trolled, thanks to India Today, and it’s hilarious!

Umesh Rajani26 Jul 20160 comments

Baba Ramdev is no stranger to fame. But this time, it’s for a different reason altogether. The spiritua...

7 stupid reasons your long weekend plans never workout

Umesh Rajani26 Jul 20160 comments

If you have a full-time job/business, and you love to travel to discover new places, you understand the i...

Michelle Obama and James Corden got their freak on in a carpool karaoke and talked about her Let Girls Learn initiative

Umesh Rajani22 Jul 20160 comments

James Corden has always been a very easy going, fun kind of guy who loves music and is always inviting ce...

These can easily be the five most hated people on the internet!

Umesh Rajani22 Jul 20160 comments

The Internet is that one place where people actually exercise their right, the freedom of speech and talk...

Just saying: It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to get married!

Umesh Rajani20 Jul 20160 comments

NOTE: Before we begin, if you find the words are starting to offend you, I suggest you close the tab and...

12 clear-cut signs that indicate you’ve been friendzoned by her

Suyash Shukla20 Jul 20160 comments

They say a guy and a girl can never be friends, well; we say they’re stupid. Two living beings (not jus...

Pokémon meets Game of Thrones: Here’s what will happen!

Umesh Rajani19 Jul 20160 comments

Pokémon have taken the world by storm, just like they did during the 2000s. The only thing that has chan...

This ad by Lambuji Fashion will definitely be the most WTF thing you’ll see today

Umesh Rajani19 Jul 20160 comments

Advertisement these days has gone to a completely different level. Companies show whatever they can in th...

Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa is going to school you about sex in the most hilarious way possible!

Umesh Rajani18 Jul 20160 comments

Sex is a topic where everybody wants to do the fieldwork because that’s how you gain some real knowledg...

loser.com has done it again! The link now redirects you to a new personality. Find out who!

Umesh Rajani15 Jul 20160 comments

Back in June 2015, while on a quest to find some of the craziest things on the Internet, we came across l...

Humans of New York aren’t alone, meet the Pokémons of New York! This is insane!

Umesh Rajani14 Jul 20160 comments

You know, it’s nice to play a game that takes you back to your childhood and reminds you of the good ti...

Watch this baby take boxing lessons from Rocky Balboa and let your funny bone be tickled!

Umesh Rajani12 Jul 20160 comments

Rocky Balboa is one of the finest movies made on boxing that you can watch almost any time. It’s great ...

This dude on Instagram has morphed himself with celebrities and you cannot miss it!

Umesh Rajani08 Jul 20160 comments

We have seen some insane photoshops over the years but this guy is totally nailing it! Lorenz Valentino (...

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