TVFilthyFrank has released the perfect Donald Trump anthem and it’s going to make you laugh real hard!

Umesh Rajani03 Nov 20160 comments

We all know how crazy the situation in America is at the moment regarding the elections. The debates had ...

Barack Obama destroyed Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live with one simple comeback and I’m applauding!

Umesh Rajani25 Oct 20160 comments

It’s not a surprise that Obama is actually the best thing that happened to America, hands down! And now...

7 thoughts that cross a man’s mind when his guy friend is getting married!

Umesh Rajani20 Oct 20160 comments

Winter is coming and so is the wedding season. Be it your fam or friends, somebody or the other is planni...

Giant Meteor over Clinton and Trump? The Millenials speak up

Ananya Hazarika19 Oct 20160 comments

With the presidential elections coming up on November 8, the United States is abuzz with political activi...

What would you do if you come in contact with extraterrestrial being? – Like always, Quora is here to the rescue!

Umesh Rajani17 Oct 20160 comments

If you have any interest in extraterrestrial beings / aliens, you might have just wondered how it’d be ...

The Pakistan Association of Hong Kong made a stupid mistake that’ll make you facepalm real hard!

Umesh Rajani14 Oct 20160 comments

Alright guys, you know how typos and bad grammar can make one cringe, right? And it’s even worse when i...

This mom gave a killer answer on Quora when asked: “Do boys talk about girls at sleepovers?”

Umesh Rajani10 Oct 20160 comments

Whoever said ‘moms know it all’ was damn right. All of us have our share of examples for this one be ...

Watch Nishant Tanwar schooling Pakistan in a really hilarious manner!

Umesh Rajani06 Oct 20160 comments

Teaching a kid what’s good and what’s bad is very important, and so is making them understand that on...

Tip Tip Barsa Paani review: Kabhi Gaana, Kabhie Logic by Zakir Khan will give you an overdose of laughter

Umesh Rajani30 Sep 20160 comments

If you have no plans for this weekend, believe me when I say, its okay, it’s completely alright. Even i...

Video: Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox reunite and play a Friends quiz

Garima Kakkar27 Sep 20160 comments

Everyone’s favourite TV show, Friends, went off air 12 years back and we still haven’t gotten bored o...

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo is an actual sentence in English and it’ll leave you ‘buffaloed!’

Suyash Shukla23 Sep 20160 comments

English is indeed a funny language and there are times when you’re trying to put your point across but...

Your high school education definitely paid off if you get these highly dangerous nerdy memes

Atishy Rathi20 Sep 20160 comments

High school is that integral part of our lives where we are young, wild and free. We hardly care about wh...

Can your mother tell the difference between lube and hair conditioner? A Quora user has the answer!

Umesh Rajani20 Sep 20160 comments

Quora is a great place to learn, you know. And at the same time it’s so awesome because it’s flooded ...

Ever thought about the advantages and disadvantages of free booze? Here are some!

Umesh Rajani16 Sep 20160 comments

Bet, the header caught your attention and got you thinking, “Disadvantages of free booze? For real!?”...

Baba Sehgal’s new track is about drugs and he’s calling himself the ‘Hindustani MNM’!

Umesh Rajani14 Sep 20160 comments

The lyrical legend is back with a new track and this time he isn’t fucking around. Actually, Baba Sehga...

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