Putlibai was Lord Rama’s mother. More such interesting answers from Delhi on Diwali. Take a look!

Umesh Rajani09 Nov 20150 comments

Being one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals around the world, this Diwali season we went seeking for...

10 struggles only women with small boobs know

Arzoo Hamal09 Nov 20150 comments

There’s a reason why all women with small keepers are jealous of women who are blessed with knockers. W...

15 things women with big boobs understand that no one knows

Arzoo Hamal05 Nov 20150 comments

Women with big boobs are often showered with compliments about how lucky they are but little do the flat-...

We still haven’t seen a cooler way to find a roommate! Must see how Hugh Podmore broke the Internet and is still on it.

Suyash Shukla30 Oct 20150 comments

So it all started about two years ago when a twenty-something guy named Hugh Podmore decided to move to T...

Reasons why every man should try out his beard look at least once!

Umesh Rajani29 Oct 20150 comments

Not all men are into beards. Some prefer being clean-shaven because beard is too much of a hassle at time...

This is what happens when your parents get texts that weren’t meant for them!

Umesh Rajani27 Oct 20150 comments

We all do these cute, dorky things to remind our special someone that they’re being missed. But there a...

Here are 5 genius ways of breaking bad news to your parents without getting an instant beating!

Umesh Rajani26 Oct 20150 comments

There are times (a lot of times) when you put yourself in situations that aren’t very easy to get out o...

Adele’s ‘Hello’ goes viral and we can’t stop tripping on its meme! Watch now!

Suyash Shukla24 Oct 20150 comments

British singer and songwriter Adele is back with her new video ‘Hello’ and we absolutely love it! But...

Did you know that there is a little bit of Ramayana in all your friends?

Arzoo Hamal21 Oct 20150 comments

With the navaratras coming to an end we embrace ourselves for the victory of good over evil. And as much ...

7 signs that prove you were born to party like a boss!

Umesh Rajani21 Oct 20150 comments

Not every person you meet is as hip as you’d want the person to be so you can sit back and chill with h...

Jason Derulo axed himself at ANN7 South African of the Year Awards!

Umesh Rajani20 Oct 20150 comments

Imagine yourself at a concert and the artist performing is the headliner of the event. You’re having a ...

Take lessons from this guy on how to make shopping fun with your woman!

Umesh Rajani19 Oct 20150 comments

Dear men, we know shopping with your lady is never easy and there is no way to get out of it. You’d do ...

Things you can do when you’re out with a couple and they start to fight!

Umesh Rajani13 Oct 20150 comments

Many of us have got friends who turned into couples with time and all you want is to have someone by your...

10 things women worry about that men don’t really care for

Suyash Shukla30 Sep 20150 comments

There’s no denying that women are obsessed with the devil that lives in details and are specialists in...

10 Things we most probably always do when we get high!

Suyash Shukla30 Sep 20150 comments

Let us all be true to ourselves and agree that most of the stupidest things and those great memories come...

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