These things go through everybody’s mind when the delivery man brings you more food than you ordered!

Umesh Rajani22 Jan 20160 comments

It’s time they made ‘food’ synonym for ‘happiness’ in the dictionaries. Some people even cry ou...

Annoying things men do that just do not make sense

Arzoo Hamal22 Jan 20160 comments

Men and women are different and some differences are healthy. Men can be adorable especially when they sh...

7 thoughts that go through a guy’s mind when talking to a beautiful girl for the first time!

Umesh Rajani21 Jan 20160 comments

Alright, brothers from another mothers! This one thing has caught my mind and its time I got this out. We...

BriaAndChrissy’s new video shows how gay men react after touching a vagina for the first time!

Umesh Rajani21 Jan 20160 comments

We’ve seen a couple of videos where BriaAndChrissy have done very different experiments and all of them...

6 thoughts that go through your mind when shopping online!

Umesh Rajani20 Jan 20160 comments

Every person in the world loves shopping; there are no two ways about it. Some day or the other you’ll ...

8 things you need to learn from a narcissist!

Umesh Rajani18 Jan 20160 comments

Not everybody is a narcissist and not everybody can be. It’s definitely not like you DON’T WANT TO BE...

10 struggles of a single guy who’s entering into his 30’s!

Suyash Shukla18 Jan 20160 comments

So your birthday is around the corner and like every year you’ve got some kickass plans to bring in you...

Are you living with a person who has OCD? We understand your struggle!

Umesh Rajani15 Jan 20160 comments

Out of all the mental disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (the technical jargon for OCD) is the most...

The struggle of coming to work with a hangover is indeed real!

Umesh Rajani13 Jan 20160 comments

Let’s put it out in the open (before you run your nasty brain, there’s no pun intended), all we are s...

These GIFs show how some men react while they masturbate!

Umesh Rajani12 Jan 20160 comments

If you think why are we talking about it then please, take a moment, go to your room and do the deed. You...

After the lesbians, gay men touch boobs for the first time and you have to see what happens!

Suyash Shukla06 Jan 20160 comments

We all saw YouTubers BriaAndChrissy’s video where three lesbians touch a guy’s penis for the first ti...

Ever wondered how Game of Thrones would be if it was under Disney’s production? We have the answer.

Umesh Rajani05 Jan 20160 comments

Every fan knows that an episode of Game of Thrones can leave you feeling anything on the scale of ‘oh m...

These lesbians touch a penis for the very first time and you have no idea what happens next!

Suyash Shukla05 Jan 20160 comments

Three gay women experienced a little something for the first time in their lives and let’s just say the...

Eight annoying things about birthdays we just can’t avoid every year!

Arzoo Hamal29 Dec 20150 comments

Birthdays come every year and most of us wait for them like there’s no tomorrow. Its one day of the yea...

9 things about the odd-even rule that will probably ruin our lives!

Umesh Rajani28 Dec 20150 comments

The debate over the odd-even rule on Delhi roads has been going on for so long that most of us have had e...

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