Health benefits of oil pulling

Gurpreet Kaur11 Jan 20170 comments

Are you aware about the health benefits of oil pulling? What is oil pulling, you asked? Read on to learn ...

7 beauty benefits of rose water

Gurpreet Kaur05 Jan 20170 comments

Rose water is treated as a significant part of many beauty regimes across cultures. It’s natural, harml...

Quick makeup tutorial for the New Year’s Eve

Gurpreet Kaur30 Dec 20160 comments

Now that 2016 is about to end, we’re sure you are busy planning your New Year’s Eve weekend. And for ...

Easy makeup tips no one ever told you

Gurpreet Kaur26 Dec 20160 comments

Not everyone is a pro when it comes to makeup but following some do’s and dont’s can be very helpful....

Six makeup mistakes you might be making on a daily basis

Garima Kakkar02 Dec 20160 comments

Makeup is an important part of a woman’s daily routine. Now we’re not talking about your special wedd...

DIY: How about creating a fire tornado that’ll light up your backyard?

Umesh Rajani21 Nov 20160 comments

There are a lot of things that DIYs can help you create but I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen anything...

6 homemade Old Monk cocktails that are here to ensure you have a good time!

Umesh Rajani18 Nov 20160 comments

Now that winter is at your doorstep and if your only escape is to spend time in a blanket next to a heate...

How to get pink lips naturally

Gurpreet Kaur11 Nov 20160 comments

Needless to say, baby soft lips looks beautiful. But, one main reason of getting dark lips is not nur...

Fragrance hacks that’ll help you smell good all day long

Gurpreet Kaur17 Oct 20160 comments

We all know that one person who always smells good. Even if they’ve just stepped out of the gym, they s...

6 effective ways to save funds for a yearly vacation

Garima Kakkar17 Oct 20160 comments

Managing money is not an easy task. With the convenience that is online shopping, staying indoors over th...

7 eye shadow hacks for every eye makeup lover

Gurpreet Kaur12 Oct 20160 comments

If eye shadow is a part of your daily life, these hacks will make your experience even better. A lot of w...

Concealer Commandments – 5 rules for getting flawless skin

Gurpreet Kaur23 Sep 20160 comments

When it comes to makeup essentials, concealer comes in the top 3 must-haves’ list. It's definitely one ...

7 hacks that’ll help you make the most out of your mornings

Garima Kakkar21 Sep 20160 comments

Mornings can be tough on people who have trouble waking up and we totally understand that. However, we al...

Here’s how you can get rid of acne overnight

Gurpreet Kaur14 Sep 20160 comments

Acne is a problem commonly found amongst people with oily skin and young adolescents hitting puberty. Sin...

Ultimate skincare hacks for clearer skin by Kaushal Beauty

Gurpreet Kaur13 Sep 20160 comments

It’s true that genetics play a big role in the fate of your skin, as does your diet and environmental f...

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