Most influential designers that revolutionised the world of fashion

Administrator20 Nov 20150 comments

The 20th century has undergone some serious transformation in regard to men’s and women’s fashion. Th...

Top fashion trends for fall: PART 2

Administrator03 Nov 20150 comments

Yes, it’s time to bid adieu to those open sandals, the shorts, the tank tops and embrace the fall fashi...

Top fashion trends for fall – Part 1

Administrator19 Oct 20150 comments

Like it or loathe it, but it’s quite tough to guess what will be the big trends for winter this year. W...

Best eateries in Mumbai worth trying

Administrator28 Sep 20152 comments

‘Aamchi Mumbai’ as we lovingly call the financial capital of India is a city that is shaped by varied...

Top hairstyles for women in 2015

Administrator14 Sep 20152 comments

Whether tight, embellished, slicked back, pulled high or worn down in loose waves, the top hairstyles for...

Top ten shoes every woman should own

Administrator04 Sep 20152 comments

Yes, gorgeous ladies, it’s true that shoes are important. If whatever you are sporting below the ankle ...

Top weekend getaways from Delhi

Administrator27 Aug 20152 comments

Are you feeling stuck between your office work and household chores? It’s time to plan a short holiday....

Top 10 cheap eateries in Delhi

Administrator19 Aug 20155 comments

It’s true that Delhi doesn’t disappoint any type of foodie. The national capital is considered as the...

Worst fashion blunders that everyone should avoid

Administrator13 Aug 20152 comments

Let’s face it, we have all encountered bad make up days and bad hair days. There is no denying that fas...

Top classic handbags every woman should own

Administrator06 Aug 20152 comments

When you think of a timeless handbag, which one comes to your mind first? Is it the Hermès Birkin, Chane...

Top ten healthy salads to fight belly fat

Administrator29 Jul 20152 comments

Are you wondering why loading up on salad isn’t helping you to slim down? Many of us think that choosin...

Top Iconic Female Movie Characters of all time

Administrator24 Jul 20152 comments

What does Annie Hall, Scarlett O'Hara, Sabrina Fairchild and Erin Brockovich have in common? They are all...

Top Foods to avoid this Monsoon

Administrator15 Jul 20150 comments

Is the monsoon showers making you reach out for hot, brewing cup of Masala Tea and piping hot Pakoras? It...

Quirky monsoon fashion trends you can’t miss this year

Administrator09 Jul 20150 comments

Reinventing your old wardrobe with the changing season is a tough task. That’s why we have created a li...

Best fashion movies of all time

Administrator04 Jul 20154 comments

The more we hear the quote “I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet”, the mo...

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