Animals feel pain just like us humans do: A colony of Langurs in Rajasthan grieve over a robotic baby Langur thinking its dead

Garima Kakkar13 Jan 20170 comments

Here’s something that will make your day a little sad but in a good way. How often do you see animals e...

Dogs vs cats! – Here’s our analogy

Suyash Shukla27 Dec 20160 comments

Are you an animal lover? Do you have a pet at home? Do you think that dogs are better than cats or is it ...

These animals always pack a snack because they eat themselves!

Atishy Rathi14 Dec 20160 comments

It’s hard being an animal. Imagine waking up every day, and realising that nobody is going to serve you...

Taking lessons from Harry Potter – there’s an underwater creature called Cystisoma that has its own cloak of invisibility

Suyash Shukla14 Dec 20160 comments

If you thought only Harry Potter was lucky enough to possess the cloak of invisibility, you clearly misse...

New species of spider discovered, named after Harry Potter character

Ananya Hazarika12 Dec 20160 comments

There is a new species of spider that has been recently discovered by scientists from in the Western Ghat...

A stomach-turning case of animal cruelty in Tamil Nadu is making rounds on the Internet and it will send chills down your spine!

Umesh Rajani24 Nov 20160 comments

Remember how a couple of months back two medical students from Chennai threw a dog from the terrace and r...’s new feature will cheer you up immediately!

Ananya Hazarika15 Nov 20160 comments

There has been a lot of stress going around. We Indians are dealing with the pressures of demonetization,...

WATCH: A Russian fishing boat made a big catch but it was more than just fish in the net! This will make you chuckle!

Umesh Rajani08 Nov 20160 comments

I have never been on a fishing boat, I have no idea how things work there but I’m sure fishermen have t...

Pudu is the tiniest species of deer and they will make you go aww

Atishy Rathi17 Oct 20160 comments

There’s no doubt about the fact that tiny animals are adorable. Let’s take the case of the tiny hams...

These two carpet pythons fighting in an Australian kitchen might give you sleepless nights!

Suyash Shukla12 Oct 20160 comments

Scared of snakes? Don’t play the video below. And if you wish to proceed after the disclaimer anyway, h...

These tired puppies that just can’t puppy around anymore is going to be the best thing you’ll see today

Suyash Shukla10 Oct 20160 comments

All you animal lovers in the house, we’re here to make your day! We’re going to take you in a world w...

Ever heard of the Candiru fish? A highly dangerous fish that feeds on human genitals

Suyash Shukla04 Oct 20160 comments

Also known as the Toothpick or the Vampire fish, the Candiru fish is a type of an aquatic species that yo...

On the occasion of the World Animal Day, here’s how you can contribute to a better tomorrow for animals

Suyash Shukla04 Oct 20160 comments

4th October, every year, is marked as the World Animal Day. Considered as a special opportunity for ever...

This video is not for the faint hearted: Watch a giant whipspider’s encounter with a praying mantis

Suyash Shukla28 Sep 20160 comments

If you have arachnophobia a.k.a the fear of spiders, we’d suggest you stop reading this right now. And ...

These human foods might kill your dog!

Suyash Shukla26 Sep 20160 comments

We humans can eat anything and everything that’s served to us be it meat or grass. If it fills our sto...

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