According to millennials, these are the ten biggest problems in the world


It is often believed that millennials are indifferent about the world. Millenials – or people aged between 18 to 35 – are considered to be self-centred and lazy. But to prove the world wrong, a recent survey conducted by World Economic Forum showed that the millennials aren’t totally ignorant about the world. In fact, there are several issues regarding the world that bother these people and they would like actions to fix these issues. The survey asked them to name three alarming issues that need immediate attention. In ascending order of ranking, here are the ten biggest problems that the millennials all over the world are concerned with.


#10. Unemployment and lack of opportunities

Nothing is more unsettling for a person than not having a means to earn. And that’s why unemployment is one of the major issues across the world that is cause of concern. The millennials who are most concerned about unemployment are from Sub-Saharan Africa.




#9. Food and water security

Food and water are two imperative resources required for sustenance of life. And given the current situation of diminishing sources of fresh water and lack of food in third world countries, it’s no surprise that this is in the list.




#8. Political instability and threat to political freedom

Freedom of speech and the right to a stable government are two things every person wants in one’s country. Nobody wants a government that can’t keep its shit together. About 19% of the people surveyed in East Asia, The Pacific and Eurasia are bothered by lack of stability in the government.




#7. Lack of education

Honestly, we’re surprised why this wasn’t further up the list. But at least this key issue made it to the list. Education can shape the world in ways that would bring about some substantial good. And that’s why a lot of millennials consider this an important issue. However, sadly very few millennials in Sub-Saharan Africa were concerned with lack of education.




#6. Security

Who doesn’t like to feel safe? The millennials sure do! While the people in Africa didn’t care much about the lack of education, they come first in the list of people who want safety and well-being, along with the people in the Middle East.




#5. Government transparency, accountability and corruption

Everyone wants complete disclosure when it comes to governance these days. And while it might be unreasonable to ask for absolute disclosure, every citizen wants at least some sort of transparency from the government that’s running the country they reside in.  But it seldom happens that the government tells us everything that we should know and we’re not even going to start talking about corruption.




#4. Poverty

It is estimated that 1.2 billion people all over the world earn less than $1.25 a day, which is the poverty line. This is especially true for South Asia and Africa. There’s no doubt that people want poverty to end. That’s why it pretty high up in the list.




#3. Religious conflicts

Intolerance towards one’s religious beliefs are not a new phenomenon. It has been happening since the beginning of time. However, after fighting over religion for more than 2000 years, humans are evolving. The fact that religious conflicts have been ranked at number 3 is proof of the changing mindset.




#2. Wars

The previous century saw some of the bloodiest wars in human history. Despite that, war is still prevalent in many parts of the world. Thus, 54.3% of the millennials in Eurasia and 50.3% in the Middle East and North Africa said that they are highly concerned about war and global conflicts. After all, world peace and cooperation are more powerful tools than war and conflicts.




#1. Climate change and depletion of resources

Given the selfish nature of humans, it was quite a shocker for us to know that global warming and resource depletion would be the primary concern of the millennials. But the fact that this on top of the list speaks volumes about the current generation. Protecting the planet is an important task for each and every person. And combatting climate change and reducing the resources we use is the first step towards it.


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