Accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe


Dressing up is not just limited to women; men like to go beyond their usual outfits too. Clothes may be good enough for a normal day but it’s the accessories, for men too, that complete an outfit.  If you’re confused about how to include accessories in your daily styling regime, here’s help. Take a look at this list of accessories that every man should have in their wardrobe to up their styling game.


#1 Bowtie

Right on your neck, this classy little accessory can really increase the style factor of your outfit. What’s more, you can find bows in various patterns. Remember, different is always cool.



#2 Ties

There is no need to even mention the importance of ties in a man’s wardrobe. But for the ones who are new to wearing suits, we’ll put it this way, a suit needs a tie just like a tie needs a suit. Also, make sure your tie is of a darker shade than your shirt.



#3 Watches

A watch only enhances your attire however, one must keep in mind that it’s important to switch watches on different occasions. You cannot always wear the same watch with every suit; try experimenting with leather and metal straps, whichever goes better with the outfit. If you’re a fan of all things vintage then go for pocket watches. Not all men can pull them off but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?



#4 Socks

Many guys think socks don’t matter. Well, they are wrong. Socks matter. Everything you wear with a suit matters. Your socks should be long enough to cover your legs when you sit. No skin show there, alright? Also, they should match your belt.



#5 Suspenders

Suspenders are not always necessary but it’s a must have accessory in your wardrobe. If you ever plan to not wear a jacket, or if you want to take it off, there should be something to grab some attention your way. They’re really cool.



#6 Cufflinks

Tiny but catch attention very easily, cufflinks are important. Make sure cufflinks aren’t too loud (blingy). The more subtle they are, the better you look.



#7 Pocket Square

Taking your suiting up game up by a notch, pocket squares make you stand out. Try and be creative with it.



#8 Cravats

Not many people know what a cravat is. Let us make it simple for you; a cravat is another type of a tie, very different from the basic ones you see.  It’s worn in with unbuttoned collar and goes till your chest. It takes the class in your outfit to a different level and is perfect for grown men, not that the younger lot can’t pull it off.



#9 Belts

Sleeker belts are classy. The buckle of your belt should be subtle though, don’t go for big and blingy buckles.



#10 Shoelaces

As we said, everything matters. Detail is everything.  Even your shoelaces matter. Keep your options open.  



#11 Sunglasses

Out in the sun rocking your suit, you don’t leave without your sunglasses. Just pick something different but not too casual.




We just gave you a list of accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe. Now you know what you need when you suit up next time!


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