8 non-venomous snakes from around the world that look scary but really aren’t


The fear of snakes is perhaps the most common phobia prevalent amongst people. There’s a common misconception that all snakes are harmful and venomous. However, not all species of snakes are harmful. The non-venomous snakes kill their prey using its bite or its ability to constrict. Here are the 8 snakes that look sinister but actually aren’t.


#1 Anaconda

Anacondas are the largest snake species in the world and can grow upto 30-ft in length. It kills its prey using the constriction method and swallows the kill whole. Although it’s not venomous, we best keep away from it!



#2 Python

Pythons are one of the most powerful snakes, but all python species are non-venomous. Constriction is its choice of kill; its preferred food includes deer, wild pigs, mice and small mammals.



#3 Black Rat Snake

For humans, the bite of a rat snake could prove very painful but it’s not dangerous or fatal. This species of snake is considered economically beneficial as they feed on crop damaging rodents.



#4 Vine Snake

These spindly looking green snakes are found in most parts of India. It usually resides atop low trees and bushes. A common variety but lucky for us as it possesses no venom and is too small to constrict!



#5 Red Sand Boa

The red sand boa is found in the more arid and dry parts of the world. In India, this snake is called do-muha or two-faced snake because of resemblance of the tail to its head.  



#6 Common Worm Snake

Looks like a worm but is actually a snake! This variety of snake is commonly found all over India and thank goodness it’s not venomous as it’s too small for most us to even take note!



#7 Banded Kukri

A common specie; it is a small snake with prominent cross bands on its body. Banded Kukris can be found all over India.



#8 Milk Snake

Milk snakes are one of most colorful snakes in the world. The snake is not venomous but the danger lies in it being very close in resemblance to the deadly coral snakes. Mistaken identity could prove deadly!


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