8 myths about running that you should know before planning your next run


If you like running and are planning to start running this summer to get into the fitness mode, we applaud you. But before you get into that routine of running every day here are a few myths about running that you must take into account.

Myth 1: You need to stretch before running

Static stretching before running does not make a lot of difference to your run. Instead it diminishes your energy levels right before the run. If you do feel comfortable with a warm up before running then you should rather go for lunges, leg shifts, leg kicks and high knees since you use your legs the most while running.

1 stretch before running (1)source


Myth 2: You need to load up on carbs before going for a run

Carbohydrates load up your muscles with glycogen which is the energy stored from carbs. Although it’s good to be loaded with energy but the muscle tissue can only hold a certain amount of glycogen, the rest just gets stored as fat. So only eat a limited quantity of carbs before you plan your run.

2carbs food (1)source


Myth 3: Running alone leads to weight loss

While running is a great way to keep fit, it does not guarantee weight loss. Running only leads to weight loss when combined with other workouts and a balanced diet. We don’t mean to discourage anyone from running but if you are putting in so much effort, be sure to keep a check on all other aspects to get the most out of it.

3-Running alone (1)source

Myth 4: Strength training is not important for runners

Strength training is as important for runners as it is for any other athlete. However for runners, a couple of days of strength training a week are enough. Runners need to focus on their legs and core workout for 15-30 minutes per session.

4-Strength training (1)source

Myth 5: Running is bad for your knees

Running is not harmful for the knees and is not a source of injuries. In fact, running makes you stronger and more durable. A study by the Stanford University found that knee osteoarthritis was neither more prevalent and nor more severe in case of both runners and non-runners.

5-Running is bad  (1)source

Myth 6: Running outside is different than running on a treadmill

Running outside may come with the natural scenery and stimulation but in terms of the technical measurements running on a treadmill with a stiff surface isn’t a lot different than running outside. Studies suggest that running on a treadmill with adequate belt speed may produce results comparable to running outdoors.


Myth 7: Maintaining a weekly mileage is important

Running more everyday is not the smartest thing to do. Yes your body is exerting more effort on increasing your running mileage every week but it’s overall impact on your body is not very different. It is good to maintain and keep a target for a certain miles every day and week but what’s more important is to run in different patterns. Increase tempo, run uphill, downhill and keep varying the intensity of your run as much as you can. The variety makes for a greater performance and impact than running on the same pace every day.

7-run uphill, downhillsource

Myth 8: Running everyday is important

As mentioned earlier running should be complemented with other workout for better results. But if you love running, 4-5 days a week is enough for your body to take. Your body needs rest from time to time and if you run every day you bear the risk of injuring your body. So take it easy for a couple of days in the week. 




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