7 things you tend to forget about family


From early on in our childhood, we were taught that family is important. Whether in school or at home, every child was made to know that family is important. Then, we grew up. And technology took over. Now, with trying to manage and be active on so many different social media platforms, juggling several circles of friends, and trying to maintain a decent means of livelihood, we often forget our roots. And no one blames you for that. Almost everyone of this generation is going through this problem.

But the one small thing almost everyone tends to forget is that you don’t need to manage family. Your family is always there. You don’t have to be an avid user of the Internet and neither do you have to be the best at your job for your family. Your family doesn’t ask anything of you but your love for them. They are there for you and they will help you in ways no one else will. And the sad part is that people often forget this. So, here are a few reasons gently reminding you of what you forgot about your family.

#1 Never-ending support

Your family is one area where you will never run out of support. They always want the best for you and they will support you no matter what. Even if you do something they do not approve of, they will always try to understand and help you. Before you earn for yourself, it is your family you rely on for sustenance and livelihood. Be it emotional or financial support, they will always assist you when you’re in a tight spot.




#2 They love you like no one else

For your family, there is no one more important than you. They will love you like no one else will ever love you. From the moment you were born, you were the light of their lives. Even if everything else is going wrong in your life, you can always count on them for their love and support.

#3 They help you grow

You spend your formative years with your family and those are the years when you are impacted the most. Your family helps you grow, they inculcate values and etiquette in you, and they help build your character. The person you are today is largely because of your family’s influence when you were growing up.

#4 You celebrate with them

Festival time is usually family time. But it’s not just festivals you celebrate with your family. From your first birthday, your first day of school, your graduation, your first job, your family celebrates every little thing with you. They make you feel special and boost your confidence like nobody else.




#5 They always bring you up when you’re down

Just like how your family is there to celebrate your successes, they are there to cheer you up after your defeats. They will try their best to bring you up in any way possible. They will tell you cute stories about you from your childhood, they will make sure you understand that failure is a part of life, and that they will always believe in you.

#6 Help you make decisions

When you reach a crossroads in your life and you need to make a tough decision, you can always ask your family for their opinion. They always want the best for you and they will give you their honest and unbiased opinion, even if their choice is against yours. And if you do take a decision which they don’t approve of, they won’t withdraw their support. Their love isn’t based on favours.

#7 Your home – always belong there

Your family is, from the beginning to the end, your home. As long as you have a family, you always have a place you can call home. It’s where you belong. Most children move away from their natal homes these days to pursue their lives. But your family will always make an effort to make sure you are as happy and satisfied as you can be when you’re at home.

Home food is the best food

And if you can’t think of anything else, then think about food. The food at home is always the best, even if it is the simplest of meals. More than anything, the food cooked by your family is made with love and affection and that is what makes you appreciate it even more.



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