7 things parents with technologically-advanced kids don’t understand


Parents have got our back in the good times and the bad times. They’ll handle us and our stress too but there are a few things about our parents that do make us cringe. Oh yeah, they do. And these things are very normal but they make it so hard you want to moonwalk out of the house. Well, most of us have dealt, heck, still dealing with these problems and for those who haven’t, we’ll just say – lucky cow. 

Here’s what we have to deal with when parents don’t understand… things

#1 Snapchat!

Every youngster’s favourite app these days, there are chances many parents haven’t even heard of it and we kinda believe that’s for the best.


#2 Instagram

Your first mistake was introducing them to Instagram, second was handing over your phone to them so they could take a closer, much better look at a cat or some food or maybe some random model with all her curves out in the open. You know damn well what we’re talking about.  And the worst is yet to come, tell them how to like a picture and that’s it. We can see your bad side coming out.


#3 Twitter

Dad: What’s Twitter?

Son: A micro-blogging site. You tweet whatever you want to say.

Dad: Like Facebook? Can I tweet on Facebook?

Son:  Goodnight, Dad.

You see? It’s so hard!


#4 Periscope

“Is it some kind of microscope or something?” seriously? Pull yourself together, parents!


#5 Live Streaming

No, dear parents, it’s not a TV show. It’s what you call ‘Live’? And no, you don’t need to buy tickets to watch this. Like a live cricket match only online? Now you get it!


#6 Aux Cable

Also known as an auxiliary cable (or aux cable), the only friend you have in your car if you’re driving alone. To our parents, it’s useless. Because FM radio/CDs work just fine for them!

2007 Chevrolet HHR with Auxiliary Audio Input Jack/iPodSource

#7 YouTubers

Your parents might have heard of All India Bakchod after all the controversy that followed them home but that was a one-time thing.  We believe they’ve never really heard of them again or even saw any of their work. And YouTube is filled with so many brilliant YouTubers that if you talk about them with your parents, you’re probably speaking Hebrew to them.


These things that parents with technologically-advanced kids don’t understand, it gets funny by the end. But understand this, parents, we love you no matter what!

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