7 things a beard virgin should expect while growing one for the first time!


If you’ve never kept a beard and have always been fascinated with one, NOW is the time! We’ve heard some people say that beards don’t suit certain men and beards are unhygienic and what not. Don’t listen to them. Listen to us. People will have their opinions. Some will like it on you, some won’t. But hey! Who cares? At the end of the day you’re the one who has to carry it off right? That’s why here’s a list of things one should expect while growing a beard for the first time.
1. It is a real slow process!
Like they say ‘all good things take time’ and growing a beard is the perfect example. Let’s just say it takes about 2.5-3 weeks for a nice looking beard to grow in its full glory. Therefore, always keep in mind that this change is going to take time!



2. People will have their opinions. Remember – You’re not entitled to any.
Some will encourage you to follow the process of growing a beard and some won’t. Don’t listen to them or anyone who tells you not to do it. Make your own choices and be proud of them.



3. The first week will make you feel erm… not so appealing but like they say – patience is a virtue.
Yes, the first week especially is the hardest. With a small patch of hair covering your face, you feel different. And mostly it’s not good different. Just hang in there!



4. It is going to itch. A lot.
Beard is itchy. Though they do have beard smoothening lotions and different products out there to make it better, it is all a part of the packaged deal. At first it might just annoy the cr*p outta you but then remember – things will get better and you will eventually get used to it.



5. People staying in the hotter parts of the country will experience SOME SWEATING!
Sweating happens everywhere (well almost). So why should your face be an exception?



6. It needs maintenance.
Invest in a good beard trimmer and keep your beard nice and shiny. Though maintaining a beard isn’t too complicated. Just a little bit of brush up every now and then and you’re good to go.



7. Contrary to the popular opinion, the chicas dig it!
Of course women love beards. Not sticking to a stereotype here but most of the women love a little bit of scruff on a man’s face. And that’s a great reason to grow a beard! You’re welcome!

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