7 Reasons why women prefer less attractive men


When you see an attractive woman with a man not as good looking as her, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? Is she a gold digger?, She could’ve definitely done better!, Are they really together? And many more.

Unlike men, women are more particular about their partners; for men place great value on beauty and women overlook physical appearances for other qualities like stability and personality. Studies prove that attractive men are mostly so full of themselves that they tend to take their partners for-granted. Women actually have many other reasons to date someone who is less attractive than them. Here are 7 reasons why women prefer less attractive men to date.

1) Less attractive men care less about their looks

Good looking men are often always busy checking out other girls and you can’t really have an actual conversation with them. Women like to have serious talks and appreciate a man paying attention to what they say. Less attractive men are better listeners and they pay attention to every small detail of the things you do.


2) Less attractive men know how to treat their woman right

Less attractive men know that their woman is beautiful and rejoice that fact. Thus, they try everything to keep their woman happy and spoil them in every way possible. They woo them by treating them right and pampering them. Whether it’s by taking them out for dates, giving them compliments or by buying them gifts to show how much they love them.


3) Less attractive men look around less

Good looking men are aware of their appearance and believe that they can get any girl they want and thus tend to look around for other options even when they are involved with someone. A woman feels special when her man can’t keep his eyes off her and she hates it when her man has his eyes rolling each time a good looking girl passes by. Less attractive men appreciate that their woman is as gorgeous as she is.


4) There is less competition for less attractive men

If there’s one thing women hate in the world more than anything else is when another woman flirts with their man. Women like security and they hate it when they don’t feel confident in a relationship.


5) Less attractive men have great personalities

Less attractive men are aware of their looks and thus they tend to work on their personality to compensate that. They groom themselves well and are very intellectual. Women find an intelligent, well-groomed man very attractive and they like to brag about their mate’s personality rather than his looks.


6) Good looking men are aware of their looks and act cocky

Good looking men are cocky and they tend to take women for granted. Thus women opt for a less attractive man who can appreciate her and treat her well. When a man is less good looking he knows he has to put extra efforts and is more motivated to make the relationship work.


7) Less attractive men are happier with their woman

Less attractive men are fond of their better half and understand them all the time. With a more attractive man, women tend to doubt themselves and are less confident. They even tend to doubt their man’s loyalty.


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