7 really unusual animals you can pet in India


In a place where 1.2 billion people live, there are numerous amounts of pet lovers. Some people are happy with one pet; some people have their own family of pets. And then there are some, who would have one pet but it won’t be a dog, a cat or not even a fish. For those rare kinds of people, their pet has to be unusual, just to match with the owner’s personality, you see. And no, even parrots don’t count. Now, if you want a pet and are looking for options other than the usual, we have got a few for you right here. Take a look at this list of unusual pets you can pet in India.

#1 Chameleon

Chameleon is just another lizard but one that grows into a pretty big creature with time. It’s slow and probably will never hurt you, well, as long as it’s being fed. But, we all know the coolest part about this beautiful creature, it changes its skin colour, you see no racism there! Hah!  Also, Jackson’s Chameleon, which is also known as the three horned chameleon is way too cool. Just a suggestion!


#2 Snakes

This reptile is not for the faint hearted, even if not poisonous, snakes are not that easy to deal with. Snake charmers are a completely different thing they pet king cobras but they make sure to remove their venom glands which usually results in their death sooner or later. If you want to pet a snake, make sure it’s not poisonous (we had to say it). You can always go for a rat snake, banded racer, green tree vine, etc.


#3 Spider

Yep, people love these little sometimes-creepy-sometimes-not eight legged creatures. Basically, if petting a spider, people opt for Tarantulas. Mind you, Tarantulas are not for beginners, it takes time to learn to deal with this tiny yet dangerous reptile. They’re poisonous and can do pretty bad harm, but then again, it depends how good of tarantula owner are you.


#4 Iguana

Another type of lizard that has been in demand as pets for a long time now and why not, they are pretty cool lizards. Getting yourself a pet Iguana means you’ll have to shed some weight from your wallet. They need a habitat, a very large one, even to adjust in a new home.  They grow up to be pretty massive and it takes a lot of patience and knowledge to deal with them. If you’re good with all that, go ahead get one home!


#5 Rodents

Not the basic white rats or guinea pigs, we are talking something like, chinchilla, flying squirrel and more. They are little, cute and their care won’t cost you much. Easy to say, they’re safe and nice pets. Also, the only time they might cause you trouble is when you let them go free in the house. But that’s manageable.


#6 Insects

Butterflies, praying mantis, ladybirds etc. are your options if you aren’t grossed out by them. All it takes is a little glass case where they can stay. They are low-maintenance, so it’s not a problem to take care of them. They’re different, that’s what makes them cool.


#7 Tortoise

Tortoise and turtles are different but still very similar to each other. It takes a while for almost all of us to tell if that’s a turtle or a tortoise and some of us still can’t get it right. But as a pet you cannot get a turtle, apparently, they’re a protected species. But Tortoise can be found easily at almost any fish/ aquarium store. They don’t cost much and are very chilled out.  


Have more additions to this list of unusual animals you can pet in India? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to add them here.

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