7 confusing situations that are most likely to occur in a man’s life because of women!


Women are beautiful creatures and should be treated with love, respect and understanding. But sometimes they should also put themselves in a man’s shoe and think about the little things that leave men baffled for no particular reason. Here’s a list of a few of them!

1. Thinking 20 times before talking

Yes. Women listen to everything! They DON’T have a ‘nothing’ box in their heads (like men) or have a moment when they’re not paying attention. Whereas on the other hand, men love wandering off to different ‘realms’ in their heads in the midst of a conversation with women! And for the same reason they should ALWAYS pay think 20 times before speaking!



2. Going to a washroom that’s already dirty

The fear of being accused for something men aren’t even responsible for is soul crushing! Especially when a decent man with decent ‘toilet habits’ enters a common washroom only to find out its dirty as hell! Sh*t gets worse when he greets a nice lady next in line while on his way out. Dang!



3. Answering tricky questions

Women love to test men’s ability to realise how they should ideally be reacting to certain questions and situations. And the ‘tricky’ part comes when they simply throw trick questions at men assuming the desired answer in their heads! For example – “Am I looking okay?”




4. Doing ‘nothing’ in presence of your S.O. is a faint memory. And by nothing we mean NOTHING!

Here’s the thing, men’s favourite pastime is doing nothing at all. And women on the other hand don’t get it. Both the genders can never be on the same page with this and unfortunately men usually have to surrender and get out of their ‘nothing box’ around women!



5. Emotional blackmail

The inevitable reality of life involving women! Emotional blackmail with that adorable puppy face is something women excel at. Funny to admit, even men aren’t very bad at it. Such situations leave men with no other option but to agree with whatever’s being asked for!



6. Girl conversations

Everyman who has a close girl-friend has been through it! It is a regular feature for some who always hang around with them. The legendary ‘make-up talk’, objectifying men (yes, women do that too) and sometimes personal stuff can really get a man wanting to pull out his hair!



7. Decoding the meaning of the following phrases coming from a woman –

Try decoding these when a women says -

A. Hmmmmm
Probable meaningChances are, she’s not very convinced with what you just said. Think again maybe?

B. Ok.
Probable meaning – “No. I could say more but you should be smart enough to get it.”

C. Are you sure about that?
Probable meaning – “DON’T even think about it.  You will pay for it later.”

D. Do whatever you want to.
Probable meaning – “I don’t care if you really don’t want to listen to me.”

E. Fine.
Probable meaning – “Nothing’s fine, you better get your act together!”

F. I’m not mad.
Probable meaning – “I’m livid!”

G. We need this.
Probable meaning – “I want this.”



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