6 beauty products for the lazy girl in you


There are girls who just can’t get enough of spending time at Sephora, they’d fix a bed there if it was up to them and then there are girls who can’t wait to get out of that store because collecting beauty products is just not their thing. If you’re one of those girls who just can’t make their peace with buying millions of beauty products for different requirements, this post is here to help you. Here’s a list of beauty products that will suit most of your requirements and save you a lot of money, time and hassle.


1) Beauty Balm, more popularly known as the ‘BB’ cream

A BB cream is an all-in-one product that looks after your skin’s priming, moisturising, serum, foundation and sunblock needs altogether. It provides a little coverage and can be used with foundation or a compact powder to increase coverage. BB creams are a blessing for lazy girls and come in a variety of brands. You may choose one depending on your skin type like the Loreal Paris True Match BB Cream is suitable for almost all skin types unless your skin is too sensitive.


2) Instant drying nail polish or Drip Dry

If you just can’t wait for your nail paint to dry there are a few products to help you. You may go for the instant dry nail paints that guarantee drying faster than the usual nail paints. If not that, there are products like Drip Dry by OPI that make your wet nails dry faster. If you don’t even want to invest in them, you may try these hacks to dry your nails in a New York minute


3) Dry Shampoo

Long hair, don’t care? NO! Every woman cares about her hair and there is no denying that. Although if you have an oily scalp or you’re just feeling lazy to do a home wash-and-dry, invest in a dry shampoo and just spray it on to your hair. It makes your scalp dry and hair a little bouncy with the same effect that talc has on our skin. Try BBlunt’s Back to Life dry shampoo that also adds a bit of fragrance to your hair.



4) Sea Salt Spray

Now dry shampoo is to keep your hair looking clean and like it was washed in the morning; a salt spray on the other hand is a styling hack. A sea salt spray will give you those tousled beach waves you pay for at the salon, or get with the natural beach weather. If you’re lazy and want to stay in your tracks all day but with hair looking as fine as Emannuelle Chriqui’s, try this hack and thank us later.


5) Tinted lip balms

If you can’t even be bothered about applying lip colour because, let’s face it applying a lipstick properly does take some effort and precision; try tinted lip balms. These can be applied using your finger like any other lip balm, the only difference is that they have a hint of colour in them so you don’t look absolutely washed out. Try Maybelline’s Baby Lips to add colour and get lips as soft as a baby’s.


6) Blush plus highlighter

If you want to brighten your face with some blush then go for a cream blush with highlighter just like Maybelline’s Dream Touch Blush. Not only does it have a bit of colour, it also illuminates your face at the right places and it takes less than a minute to apply. 

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