14 things that boyfriends just don’t understand


It might just be true that men and women are from different planets because while men are so complicated, women are the simplest creatures on this planet. Yes we are and yet men somehow don’t seem to understand the simple and logical reasons behind our habits. Here are 14 things that boyfriends just don’t understand.

1) The reason why 10 minutes are just not enough for women to get ready

We are sure that for men 10 minutes can really change the world like a last minute goal, or that wicket in the last second. Fine we get it. However, the pressure of shaving our legs, finding the right outfit, styling our hair all in 10 minutes? Seriously! We haven’t even started with the makeup bit yet.

I-told-you-Ill-be-ready-in-five Source

2) The inexplicable love for the Kardashian family

You’ve got your sports channels and we’ve got our “reality” TV – the Kardashians! If they go out so does your favourite channel without a blink.


3) The reason behind the large number of products on our bathroom shelves

You might need just one shampoo and a body wash or sometimes the 2-in-1 version of that but being a woman, also a polished one,is difficult. For instance, sometimes our hair is frizzy and sometimes too shiny and yes there are different shampoos for that.

giphy (9)

4) The reason behind wearing heels even when they hurt

Beauty and pain go hand in hand and we don’t need your sympathy over that. Vanity comes first, mostly, sometimes not on the weekends.


5) Excessive use of Emoji’s

Text never conveys emotions properly. We just like to avoid confusion :D :P


6) The roller coaster ride we go through during our periods

Just like Rachel Green said “No uterus, No opinion”


7) Reason for watching our favourite sitcom over and over again

Sitcoms or rom-com movies are like our mentors, they give us our necessary dose of life lessons and style inspirations. There’s no way in hell we can stop watching those – on repeat.

giphy (4)

8) The reason for carrying around a heavy handbag

We don’t like to carry junk in our purses although we do carry all the essentials we might just need at 2 AM on that night stay with YOUR friends.

giphy (8)

9) Window shopping/ Shopping

Shopping is like therapy for women. It helps us grieve, it lifts our mood and it just brings mental peace overall which is good for you ultimately.


10) The difference between day creams and night creams

Isn’t that simple? One is for day and the other for night.

day cream

11) Packing for holidays

It’s not bad to be organised and we like being well prepared. So what if we start packing a couple of days before to tackle any unprecedented situations like an apocalypse.

giphy (1)

12) Reason behind our long chats with girl-friends

You might get annoyed with this (discussing our private affair with friends) but they are the ones who help us talk through stuff and avoid yelling at YOU for stupid things.

giphy (7)

13) Why we never have anything to wear even though there is a closet full of clothes

Well that’s something even we don’t have an answer

giphy (6)

14) What eye-lash curlers are?

Let’s keep it short and simple, they curl our lashes so our eyes can look bigger. 

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