11 things that may happen if Marijuana is legalised in India!


To all the marijuana enthusiasts out there, it’s time for some good news. Apparently the city of Bangalore is hosting India’s first ‘Legalize marijuana’ conference on May 10th. Given the fact that it might just take some time before the ‘herb’ actually gets legalised in the country, we believe it’s a good start to a new era! For the same reason, we have put together a list of things that would happen if marijuana is decriminalised in India.

1. Secretly meeting up with peddlers

Yes that has to stop. Once it’s legal, all those secret ‘music’ transfers will stop. Making those transactions in public would be a more liberating feeling. How about that?


2. No eye drops business

The red eye syndrome will no longer be a taboo amongst people who smoke up. Running to the nearest chemist to get those eye drops right before you meet someone will be a memory (well, enless you’re meeting your folks).


3. Hike in food product sales

That starvation after a few ‘rolled up sticks’ will definitely result in more munchies and food deliveries from your favourite place.


4. Restaurants/bars will have a smoking-up section

Well that would be something we’d certainly like to see! A friggin’ section for smoking up! Boy, we bet the smoking-up section would have a picture of South Park’s Towelie along with text that says Pot Area.


5. There would be fewer fights in bars

We’re sure everyone would agree that all those brawls and unnecessary fights happen due to excessive alcohol intake. Life would be so much better if that were to be replaced by the mellow brotherhood in night clubs and bars!


6. People would be more creative/artistic

Duh! The creativity just doubles up when you’re in a different world (mentally of course). Some people from the creative profession follow it as a practice (or so we’ve heard).


7. Chances of losing weight are high

For those who want to! Talking from personal experience, a person is most likely lose weight when smoking pot regularly. Dang!


8. Driving drunk is significantly more dangerous than driving high

We don’t recommend EITHER! Driving under any form of intoxication is bad and can be fatal. Therefore, this should be considered as a verbal-non-doable advantage just to make people happy!


9. Legalising marijuana will generate tax revenue

And these are not small figures we’re talking about here.


10. And then there are several health benefits

There have been innumerable articles on the health benefits of marijuana (in different forms of course). Try ‘googling’ it!


11. Peace & Harmony! Carpe Diem!

Someone once said – If the WHOLE world smoked a joint at the same time there would be world peace for at LEAST 2 hours. We think the statement holds true, innit?


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