10 ways you can kill time at night if you’re unable to sleep


No matter how old or young you are, sleepless nights are part of everyone’s lives. And things get difficult when time runs slow and you have no idea what to do other than changing sides in bed. So we came up with ten ways you can kill time at night if you’re unable to sleep. Take a look at these tried and tested things people do.

1. Watch a movie.

The easy way out is to watch a movie and be done with it. Still can’t sleep? Watch another. And come on, you have the power of the internet. There are so many *things* to watch, If you know what we mean. 


2. Talk to you girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend

Pick up your phone and call the one closest to you. If you can’t sleep, why should they?

You have every right to ruin their sleep. But giving you all a heads up, what follows next is completely your problem.  We’re just giving suggestions!


3. A late night drive

People who love a little drive at night; this is your time to be on the road cruising all by yourself or with a buddy who is as sleepless as you are. Your night is made. Well, if you don’t get pulled over by the cops. It’s worth a shot though!


4. Eat more food.

If you’ve got no one to talk to, no movies to watch; food is your saviour. It makes you happy and why’d you stop doing something that makes you happy. So eat and kill time. That is if being a loner-foodie works for you. Kidding, most of us prefer food over people.


5. Staying up all night so you can just sleep in the morning

It’s 5 in the morning and finally you sense sleep in your eyes. But still fighting it because after one night you’re a believer in ‘Sleep’s for the weak’ and next thing you know, you’re waking up with regrets.  It happens with the best of us.


6. Shop online.

Have to kill time anyway, why not buy yourself some new socks! Laying in bed with your laptop on top of you while you raid the internet for buying something that you may or may not need. They don’t cost much, I’ll buy 6 pairs!


7. Organise your room

This is the only ‘free’ time you have. Why not make something out of it? If need be, you can organise your entire room in just no time. And who knows what buried treasure you may find in that pile of laundry.

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8. Go for a run

Fitness freak much? Put your earphones on and go for a run. Now, how many of you have really done that?

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9. Music marathon

Music makes the world go around but sadly it doesn’t make time move any faster. What you can do is put on some great music and dance if want to dance. Nobody’s watching.  Or someone is.

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10. Count hours.

You have done everything in your power and now you’re probably begging for sleep.Counting how many hours of sleep you can get if you sleep now is what we all do. But when has that ever worked! 

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