10 thoughts that goes through a guy’s head when he meets a guy for the first time


Believe it or not, it’s always easier for girls to become friends and gel with each other than guys and it’s a really good on girls, yes seriously! But with guys, we take our own time to analyse a few things before we can make up our minds to see that dude again.

Now, I have no clue how girls think when they meet a girl for the first time but I’m pretty certain that guys have a set of thoughts or questions in their heads which they probably won’t speak out loud but they are curious to know. And it’s not even about judging the other dude, it’s like for yourself, it helps you understand if you’d like that guy to be in your circle and to be honest, it’s the ​most subtle way to find out what he’s all about. So, here are some honest thoughts that goes through a guy’s head when he meets a guy for the first time!

#1 The attitude

So, you’re chilling with your peeps and one of them introduces you to this lad he works with or whatever and you’re being yourself but in your head you already have a questionnaire ready. The first thing a guy notices about another guy is his attitude and a handshake sometimes is just more than enough to tell you all about it. His way of walking, standing will give it away. Remember, this isn’t judging… Okay, maybe a little.


#2 What does he drive?

You want to ask this so bad, you know you want to. But patience is the answer, you’ll find out. One way is to ask the guy how he got here. Not in a mean way, obviously. And to know what he drives is important because, everybody knows a guy’s love for cars is undying.


#3 The fashion sense

Actually, it’s important but not that much because even you have those days when you’ll put on random clothes which may or may not be washed. Do not deny that, every guy does it. But then again, things like shoes, sunglasses and watches always get our ​attention but only if they are worthy of it.


#4 His choice of alcohol

When at a bar, even a stranger is your friend and before you ask his name, you go with, “Kya piyega, bhai?” Little does he know, it’s a test. Anything from beer, vodka or whiskey is great but when he says, “I don’t drink”, that’s a bummer.


#5 His way of conversing

It’s rude not to make a conversation, so, you give into it. But if he isn’t a talker, you’re not going to stay to look at his face, are you? Doesn’t matter if his English is not good but if he’s the type who fakes the accent, save yourself.


#6 He may just be a faker

There are types of fakers, just so you know, like, the ones who say they can handle ​a whole ​bottle of vodka but they pass out after a couple of beers. All you have to do is notice and if they’re fake you will get to know. And that should be enough reason for you to make up your mind. But you can always continue to know more or just for fun. Who cares?


#7 Can he even grow a proper beard?

Well, can you? Can you grow what your father gave you? If yes, why not flaunt that beautiful thing? Have you not thought of experimenting with your looks? You could *really* use some experimenting, bro.


#8 Do you even lift, bro?

I’m not saying it’s necessary, hell no. ​B​ut it’s good to be aware of the fact that you can or you can’t lift. Word of advice, i​t always comes in handy.


#9 DC or Marvel?

Okay, this is a serious one. No jokes here, whichever you support, you better have a fucking good reason for it. And what superhero would you choose? If they tell you they’re not into this ‘superhero shit’, he’s done there. You don’t have to entertain people like him?


#10 Boobs person or an ​a​ss man?

To be honest, this is a trick question. A real man will love both equally. Go ahead, test him. And you’ll know if he’s worth it or not.


If you think there are any more thoughts that goes through guy’s head when he meets a guy for the first time let us know!


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