10 things women worry about that men don’t really care for


There’s no denying that women are obsessed with the devil that lives in details and are specialists in stressing over them. Not just time, they put a of lot effort and spend a lot of money to take care of their looks. Sometimes, despite of all our hard work our efforts go unnoticed. Although men really appreciate (or try to appreciate) the hard work we put into these details, they actually don’t pay attention to most of the things we obsess about. So ladies, let’s get rid of all the misconceptions we have been obsessing about and stop fretting about silly things. Here are 10 things women worry about that men don’t really care for.


1) The fact that you sweat

You’re a human and human beings sweat.



2) Stretch marks

As long as they’re not on your forehead, men don’t really care about them.

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3) Eyebrow growth in between sessions  

No normal guy will ever notice the extra stray eyebrow hair or what shape or size they are unless you decide to cut them in the middle or join them together.



4) Obsession with expensive perfumes

As long as you smell good, men don’t care about the brand or the price of the perfume you use.



5) If you poop, fart or burp

Although we try to hide all evidence of it, he knows that you poop and he doesn’t care if you go take a dump when you’re together.



6) Your mani/pedi

Women might be obsessed with perfectly shaped and painted nails but men really don’t notice it as long as you’re not missing any fingers.



7) If you’re fair or dark

Women need to stop stressing out about being fair or dark, men find all women equally beautiful.



8) Mascara

Oh you think they notice if you’re wearing any mascara or not? Most of the times they can’t even tell the difference between a mascara and an eye-liner.



9) The stubble on your legs

It’s impossible to always be hair-free and men are aware of that. Unless you look like a gorilla or Bigfoot, chances are they won’t even notice the tiny stubble on your arms or legs.



10) Cellulite

Ladies, we all have it and men don’t care! He likes you for who you are not for how much cellulite you have unless he’s into stick thin model figures. Sorry Regina George!


Do you agree with these things women worry about that men don’t really care for? Have more? Add them and stop stressing!

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