10 awesome jobs that will surely make you want to quit your job now!


Imagine travelling around the world, trying new cuisines, shopping, partying, doing all things fancy AND GETTING PAID FOR IT!!!! Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? But it’s true! The real satisfaction comes when you follow your dreams. We all have a hidden passion for something and we never think of making a career out of it. And here’s why you should take a look at this list of 10 awesome jobs that will make you want to quit your job NOW!

1) Personal shopper - Personal stylists work with their clients to shape their individual style according to their lifestyle. They shop and style people for a living (isn’t that awesome?). If you love styling clothes and shopping, this is the dream job for the shopaholic in you!



2) Travel blogger - Did you know that you can get paid to travel and write about your adventures and experiences? Yes, a travel blogger travels around the world (not to forget – free of cost), shares his/her stories and talks about the best and the worst places they’ve visited. You can live your dream of travelling around the world and making money with this ideal job. 

2-Travel blogger


3) Modelling - Modelling is one of the most attractive and glamorous careers. If you love being in the spot light and think you have what it takes to be a model, then this is the right path for you. Being a model has a lot of perks; you get to travel around the world for shoots & fashion shows, get freebies for endorsing brands while getting paid for it and did we mention those gazillion pictures that make you look oh-so-pretty.



4) Fashion blogger - For the fashionista with wanderlust, this might be your ideal job. A career in fashion blogging lets you travel to places, attend fancy events, socialize and shop. A fashion blogger writes about the trending things in and around the world of fashion.

4-Fashion blogger


5) Chocolatier - This job might be too much fun if you love chocolate. Being a chocolatier requires more than just a sweet tooth, they combine their passion for art and love for chocolates into a creative career in making candy and confectionery.



6) Chef at a luxury hotel - Chefs are the ones who create menus and work with different ingredients and recipes to impress foodies with their skill and imagination. If you love food and can be creative with it, this is ‘the job’ for you.

6-Chef at a luxury hotel


7) Brand Ambassador for a liquor brand - This might be one of the best jobs in the world. Picture yourself travelling to places, partying, meeting new people, getting them drunk and then drinking yourself. Now now, being paid for this kind of awesomeness sure would be a blessing!

7-Brand Ambassador for a liquor brand


8) DJ - If you have a passion for music and love being surrounded by it all the time, here’s one for you! To be a Disc Jockey and to make people swing to your beats, you have to be uber creative. Turn your hobby into a full time career and party your way through life.

Dj mixer with headphones


9) Scuba diving instructor - Imagine working in a soothing environment where you are surrounded by nature. To become a scuba diving instructor you have to be certified as an open water diver and complete the instructor development course (IDC) and you can live the dream of diving for a living and travel to exotic locations.

9-Scuba diving instructor


10) Wedding photographer – With the advent of specialised digital cameras, photography has become a mainstream yet a high paying job. All you need is a high quality camera and an eye for photography with creativity and learn the ins and outs of the camera to maximize your potential. To put a cherry on top at this awesome job you can be a destination wedding photographer, where you get to travel around the world documenting the most special day of people’s lives.

10-Wedding photographer


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