DIY: Convert your empty shoebox into a desk organiser

Gurpreet Kaur25 May 2016

Don't throw away your empty shoeboxes instead use them to organise your workplace essentials like stationery, etc. Watch this DIY tutorial and learn how to convert your empty shoebox into a desk organ

Here’s why you should never throw away those silica g...

Garima Kakkar

Have you ever wondered what those little packets of silica gel do? Yes, tho

DIY: Get soft curls in 5 minutes!...

Suyash Shukla

No woman can ever go wrong with untied hair with any kind of an outfit! And

How to use white eyeliner in five different ways...

Gurpreet Kaur

Did you know that white eyeliner is one of the most versatile products you

Styling hacks 101: Get your office outfits right with t...

Gurpreet Kaur

Studies have found that a woman spends one year of her entire life in just


13 signs that your bromance is on point!

Umesh Rajani26 May 2016

Let’s get this straight, I ain’t dissing girls here but it’s a fact that we guys have our friendship handled better than them. Of course, women too, have BFFs, ‘friends for life’ and all tha

Are you a boxers guy or a briefs guy? These illustratio...

Suyash Shukla

There are three types of men in this world. The ones who wear boxers, the b

Useless TALK is the only group you need to be a part of...

Umesh Rajani

Facebook has got too many groups and pages and many of them have got those

Kanye West and Ellen DeGeneres talked about his tweets ...

Umesh Rajani

Kanye West made an appearance at The Ellen DeGeneres show last night and di

How to get away at work while you’re DNLB (Doing Noth...

Umesh Rajani

Work can be boring sometimes* (read: Monday to Thursday) and you can’t


These pictures of Jacqueline Fernandez from a shoot will have you in awe

Umesh Rajani27 May 2016

Waking up this morning, I knew it was going to be a good day since finally the weekend’s here but I had no idea that my day was going to be so much better until these pictures of Jacqueline Fernan

Happy birthday Karan Johar: Here are six clichés one s...

Garima Kakkar

25th May marks “the” Karan Johar’s 44th birthday. This B-town celeb

Six Reasons why Suicide Squad will be a comeback for DC...

Umesh Rajani

On 25th March, millions of fans flooded the cinemas to go watch their favo

Anil Kapoor will be on Family Guy’s season finale and...

Umesh Rajani

YES! It’s true and confirmed that Anil Kapoor will be on Family Guy’s s

Airport spotting wrap-up of the week: Here’s what the...

Suyash Shukla

As the week wraps up, we present to you the best of airport style donned by


Ten insanely cute animals you definitely haven’t heard of before

Umesh Rajani26 May 2016

The internet is full of dogs goofing around and cats doing stupid things and the first reaction people have is “AWWW I want one dog/cat like that.” Pandas and monkeys have also become internet sen

13 amazing things your iPhone headphones can do!...

Garima Kakkar

The iPhone has only 2 physical (we mean the ones you can actually touch and

Here are Meghalaya’s best kept secrets and reasons wh...

Garima Kakkar

Meghalaya is a Sanskrit word which literally means “abode of clouds”. I

Tips to tackle boob sweat this summer! Yes, THAT exists...

Garima Kakkar

We still don’t understand why boob sweat isn’t a globally accepted prob

Looking for amazing cocktails to celebrate World Whiske...

Suyash Shukla

The third Saturday of May every year is marked as the World Whiskey Day (we


Review: Spray-on nail paint by Tati

Gurpreet Kaur22 Apr 2016

Spray-on nail paint is the new trend in beauty town and we can’t wait to give it a try. You haven’t heard about it yet? Click here now to see what it is. While most people are almost blown away

This app can cut down your mobile Internet data by 60%....

Umesh Rajani

You guys will be thanking us for what we have come across. The app, Opera M

Reviews: Why every man should try out USTRAA by Happily...

Umesh Rajani

Beauty products do not hold as much importance in a man’s world and we ha

Christmas banter at The Imperial, New Delhi...

Garima Kakkar

Christmas is the best part of winter. It’s not just the decorations and t

Reviews: best makeup setting sprays you need to try now...

Arzoo Hamal

Flakiness, oily skin and unavoidable weather conditions are the arch nemesi


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